Best 0 Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there lived the credit card fairies.  These cute little creatures gave too good little men and women who were responsible with their credit card accounts wonderful benefits like 0 APR on balance transfers which made their credit cards like little pieces of plastic gold in their purses and wallets.

One day the evil ogre Recession came to this tranquil land and brought with him his malicious imps, the sons of high interest and excessive charges.  People felt a dark cloud fall over them as these disastrous beings besought the land with their activities that caused great pain and suffering.

The people looked high and low for anything that would help to relieve the
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anguish they were feeling because of the oppression of these mean spirited entities.

Years transpired before they finally found relief due to one of their own who decide he was tired of it all and wanted a change.  This prince of peace fought the ogre and his imps by placing restraints on them.  With the evil forces held at bay the credit card fairies were soon able to begin dispensing their gifts of the best 0 APR balance transfer offers available for their credit cards.

Although this was a cute little story, it really does tell what has happened with our economy over the last few years.  There was a time when it was almost impossible to find of good balance transfer offer with your credit card, forget 0 APR on the same balance transfers.

Now that they’re back keep a lookout for some really good deals.  The length of time of these offers helps make them the best 0 balance transfer credit cards available.  One thing that is included now when you get the best 0 balance transfer credit card is a balance transfer fee.  These fees are usually around 3% of the amount transferred per transaction.

If you decide to take advantage of these offers take note that even the best 0 balance transfer credit cards will hit you with an enormous interest rate if you are late even wants.  How does almost 30% interest sound to you?  It’s okay I’ll wait while you pull yourself off the floor.  This is not a joke whether this is an incentive to keep you from being late or a way to collect more money because almost everyone is late at least once; they are within their rights to do so.

A few credit card companies stand out in this new world of credit card management.  They are Capital One, Citibank, and Discover.  All three of these banks offer what may be best 0 balance transfer offers for credit cards on the market today.  The other thing that makes these credit cards stand out is that after the introductory period is over the still offer very competitive low interest rates.  Add no annual fees and even cashback and you will join the song of the fairies as the croon the accolades of these banks.